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Antelope Adventures

New Mexico's ~ Private Ranches

Trophy Hunting

Antelope Adventures 

Trophy Antelope Hunting 

New Mexico's Private Land ~ 


  Antelope Adventures is committed to offering the Trophy Antelope hunter the opportunity to hunt some of the premier private ranches in New Mexico. We have leased the exclusive antelope hunting rights to a number of quality ranches, and can offer a limited number of guaranteed land owner tags. We offer fully Outfitted Rifle hunts. These Rifle hunts are three day hunts which include guide 2x1, lodging, meals, Transportation during the hunt and trophy care.

Hunt Information :

   New Mexico is well known for it's Trophy Pronghorn Antelope and we are hunting several of New Mexico's finest ranches. These are guaranteed landowner tags (No Draw!) You will have the opportunity to see several mature bucks each day. Our guides are experienced and will help to make your hunt enjoyable and successful.  Our ranch tag quota is established by the New Mexico game and fish  surveys each year  We have a limited number of these quality Antelope hunts available and the tag numbers may vary each year so please give us a call for more information and to book your hunt!

Hunt Dates :



2021    Archery Only ~  August * 4 -7  or  *9 -12      * BOOKED

2021     Any Weapon ~ August *14 -16,  *21-23  or  *24 - 26

2022   Archery Only ~  August 4 -7 or 9 -12   

2022   Rifle / Any Weapon  ~ August 13-15, 20 - 22  or 23 - 25

Hunt Cost :

$3750.00 + ($362.00 New Mexico Non-Res State License, Tag & Stamp fees) 

This is a fully guided Antelope hunt that includes, Hotel Lodging,  Meals, Guide 2x1, Transportation in the field & Trophy Care.  We have been very successful  on this hunt and have harvested several B & C Bucks.  Our Licensed guides have lots of experience, not only in field judging Antelope bucks but in getting you in position to harvest your buck of a lifetime! 

Dan Bishop ~ Outfitter

Cell # 520-664-4536

Dan Bishop

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