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       Antelope Adventures

"I've hunted many times with Dan Bishop's Cola Blanca Outfitters because they do their homework. They have the best properties and know both the landscape and the game that resides on it. They are in a word  "Pros".     

Chris Dorsey  'RAM Outdoorsman TV'

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   "Thank's Dan for an incredible hunt! Dan's knowledge of antelope and the ranches he has to hunt is without compare. Dan was easygoing, professional, organized, and thought of everything when it came to providing a fun experience. If your looking to book a hunt in the Southwest or Mexico for Coues Deer, I Highly recommend contacting Dan Bishop".

Nick Evans    "Cabela's"

   "This was an absolutely fabulous hunt, our party went four for four. If you are looking for a great antelope hunt, check out Dan's New Mexico antelope hunts".

Chris Denham, Editor "Western Hunter Mag".

  "Thanks for everything, I had a great time hunting with you. Hopefully our path's will cross again at some point. I would love to do another hunt down the road". 

John Snow, Editor "Outdoor Life Mag."

"I'm three-for- three with Dan and Cola Blanca Outfitters. A great New Mexico Antelope, Great Coues deer in Sonora and a fantastic Elk in New Mexico. He's a no 'BS' Outfitter that gets it done as long as your willing to put in the work to do it."

Alan Kirschenbaum    Louisville, Ky.

"Thank you Dan very much, I had a great time. This was my first antelope hunt and I was able to harvest a great B & C buck. Thanks Again, I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to the next hunt."

Lori Benson     Tucson, Az.

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